Washington County Clerk, Washington County, Texas

Deed Book, Volume A1


Deed A-1

[Page 240]

[Top of Page - Record of the marriage of Jesse Clift & Sarah Ann Margaret Wade]

Republic of Texas

County of Washington

   Be it remembered that on the Eighth day of March 1836 Eighteen Hundred and thirty six that I James Hall Judge of the Municipality of Washington authorised W W Shepperd of Lake Creek to celebrate a contract of marriage between C B Stewart & Julia Shepperd of which I herein make due record this 23 day of Januy 1837

Copying the same to Wit

   To W W Shepperd Esqr.

Sir- You are hereby authorised to celebrate a contract of marriage between Chas B Stewart and Julia Shepperd and give to it the said contract the necessary formality before assisting witnesses

Washington March 8. 1836


James Hall

Primary Judge

   By virtue of the foregoing authority to me directed I William W Shepperd on Lake Creek on the 11th day of March 1836 caused the contract of Marriage between the parties referred to be executed

Deed A-1


executed before me and the [water damage] whose names  are signed at the end [water damage] thereof

   We the undersigned C B Stewart and Julia T Shepperd being moved by mutual affection and conscious of the [water damage] and responsible estate of matrimony [water damage] by this act or contract unite ourselves [water damage] marriage solemnly pledging ourselves [water damage] live Chastity a Wedded life   And [water damage] act we declare to be signed with our own hands and of our own free will on the date before written.


Charles B Stewart

Julia T Shepperd

   And which I certify with assisting witnesses who also attest the signatures of the parties contracting this 11th day of March 1836.    Signed W W Shepperd

Witness Wm C Clark                      Witness Chas Garrett    Jno Wade

I C B Stewart having become by the above contract of marriage entitled to an augmentation of land to that, which I have as a single man received from the Government Do by his Instrument of Conveyance assign give and grant into the hands of W W Shepperd and Josh Fletcher, citizens, for the use of the above named Julia Shepperd her children or heirs of her body or by reversion, all my right, title to and claim for Said Augmentation, be it more or less, constituting them the trustees to said gift, with all the powers vested by[water damage]

Deed A-1

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[water damage]...by the Civil law of Louisiana and [water damage]...[sic]ing her the Said Julia Shepperd my wife




Transcription by Kameron Searle