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   I am currently writing a book about the early history of Montgomery County, Texas.  I am trying to discover some information about a gentleman named, George M. Crittenden for the book.  G. M. Crittenden is said to have written a group of history papers regarding the Stoneham family of Grimes County, Texas.  Today, these papers are commonly referred to as the Crittenden Papers.

   I am trying to find out as much about George M. Crittenden as I can.  I am especially interested in any information regarding the so-called Crittenden Papers.  Do you have a typed or handwritten copy of the Crittenden manuscript or papers or any historical notes written by George M. Crittenden?   When were the Crittenden Papers written?  Were George S. Crittenden and Mattie Rousseau of Stoneham, Texas the parents of George M. Crittenden?  If they were his parents, who were the parents of George S. Crittenden and Mattie Rousseau?  If you know the answers to any of these questions, please let me know at the telephone numbers, postal and/or email addresses below. 

   I would also very much like to try and get a photocopy of the Crittenden Papers for my research into the early history and historiography of Montgomery County, Texas.

   In 1930, Dr. E. L. Blair referred to this manuscript on page 67 of his book Early History of Grimes County.  The footnote reads in part:

(Philipia Stoneham, History of the Stoneham Family, a manuscript prepared in connection with an American History course given by the writer [E.L. Blair] in the Navasota high school, in 1929.  Miss Philipia Stoneham based much of her essay upon an undated manuscript written by G. M. Crittenden of Houston, Texas.  The Crittenden manuscript was in the nature of a biographical sketch of the Stoneham family.)

   It is clear that the manuscript written by G. M. Crittenden was already in existence as early as 1929 when Philipia Stoneham used it to write her high school history paper, History of the Stoneham Family.

   In 1975, Dr. Robin Montgomery would borrow heavily from George Crittenden's papers in writing his history of Montgomery County.  He mentions G. M. Crittenden and cites the Crittenden Papers numerous times throughout his book, The History of Montgomery County, 1975, Austin, Jenkins Publishing Co., as well as other later publications. 

What I have found so far regarding George M. Crittenden:

According to the 1920 U.S. Census for Galveston County, Texas, George M. Crittenden was born in Texas in 1889.  He is shown as the head of the household and he is married to Christine Crittenden.  His father's place of birth was Alabama and his mother's place of birth was Alabama.

According to the 1920 U.S. Census for Galveston County, Texas, Christine Crittenden was born in Texas in 1892.  She is married to George M. Crittenden.  Her father's place of birth was Mississippi and her mother's place of birth was Texas.

According to Harris County, Texas birth records, George Mozra Crittenden and Christine Middleton became the parents of a son Henry Middleton Crittenden in Harris County, Texas on July 4, 1926

According to a 1931 death record, George Crittenden died on September 19, 1931 in Houston, Harris County, Texas at the age 13 years, 10 months and 2 days.  George Crittenden was born on November 17, 1917 in Houston, Texas.  His father was G. M. Crittenden (born Stoneham, Texas) and mother Christine Middleton (born Orange, Texas).  George Crittenden was buried in Forest Park Cemetery in Houston, Texas on September 20, 1931. 

Click here to see the headstone of George S. Crittenden and his wife Mattie Rousseau in the Stoneham Cemetery, Stoneham, Grimes County, Texas. 

George M. Crittenden died on October 6, 1954.  His obituarycan be found in the October 7, 1954 edition of the Houston Post in Section 3, on page 14.  The obituary reads as follows:

"George M. [C]rittenden, 66, of 3213 Hamilton St. died 11:05 AM in a Houston hospital, Native, Stoneham, lived in Houston since 1907.  Was an auditor  for Port Terminal Railway Association.  Member Second Presbyterian Church, Gray Lodge 329 AF & AM, Scottish Rite Bodies and the El Mina Shrine of Galveston.  Survivors, Widow, Mrs. George M. Crittenden, Houston, daughter, Mrs, E. P. Haltom, Victoria, son, Henry M. Crittenden, Houston, sisters, Mrs. T. B. Stoneham, Stoneham, Mrs. J. R. Hardy, Navasota, grandson, E. P. Haltom Jr., Victoria: number of nieces and nephews.  Services at 4 PM Thursday chapel of Geo. H. Lewis & Sons 400 block of McCowen Avenue. Linden-3141."

The Crittenden burial plot is located in Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery in Houston, Texas in Section M, Lot 59.   Section M of Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery is located on the south side of Lawndale Street.   Below are photos of the graves of George M. Crittenden (May 26, 1888 - October 6, 1954), Christine Middleton Crittenden (December 25, 1891 - October 2, 1977) and George W. Crittenden (November 20, 1917 - September 19, 1931).


Crittenden Family Monument - Forest Park Lawndale - Houstonn

Crittenden Family Monument, Section M, Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery, Houston, Texas.


George M. Crittenden: 1888 - 1954

Grave of George M. Crittenden (husband of Christine Middleton Crittenden and father of George W. Crittenden), born May 26, 1888 and died October 6, 1954.  One record cited above indicates his birth year could have been 1889.


Christine Middleton Crittenden: 1891-1977

Grave of Christine Middleton Crittenden (wife of George M. Crittenden and mother of George W. Crittenden), born December 25, 1891 and died October 2, 1977. 


George W. Crittenden: 1917-1931

George W. Crittenden (son of George M. Crittenden and Christine Middleton Crittenden), born November 20, 1917 and died September 19, 1931.  The Harris County death record cited above indicates he was born on November 17, 1917.


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